Sarawak Veterinary Supplies


Sarawak Veterinary Supplies, SVS, was established on 10/3/1983 and is involved in the supply of animal breeding stock, livestock equipments, veterinary drugs and vaccines to the government and private sectors in Sarawak and Sabah since 1984. The Company is owned and managed by licensed, practicing veterinarians with multi-disciplinary skills backed by experienced management and supporting staff.

The Managing Partner is Dr Thomas Wong, and the Operations Manager is Exna Kho. SVS works closely with its Bumiputera associate PEMBEKAL KHIDMATVET, owned and headed by Dr Samuel Kiyui.

SVS regularly supplies ruminant, poultry and pig pharmaceuticals, equipment and vaccines to livestock farmers in Kuching, Samarahan, Sibu and Miri Divisions. We regularly participated in Agriculture Shows/Hari Peladang (Farmer’s Day) celebrations with booths to show our products and services.

You can find out more about the SVS Management team here.

At SVS we specialize in:

  • Sourcing breeding stock and genetic materials from reputable suppliers and pedigree farms from around the world.
  • Supplying a broad range of veterinary products and animal husbandry equipment catering to the poultry, pig and ruminant industries as well as specialized needs in research and diagnosis:
      • Pasture seeds, high tensile barbed wire, electric fencing and accessories
      • Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, test kits
      • Vet instruments and equipment for rearing, treatment, handling and care
  • Veterinary consultation services on livestock development, production, breeding, health, staff training and compliance with Quality Assurance Programs, Good Husbandry Practices , HACCP and Farm Accreditation
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Our Location

SVS head office is located at:

No.12, Lot 3183,
Sentosa Central,
7th Mile Bazaar,
Jalan Penrissen,
Kuching 93250.

Phone : 082 625580/625800 /627800
Fax : 082 626580