The Company supplied imported breeding goats, pigs, poultry, deer, cattle and buffaloes to the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak, SEDC, Department of Veterinary Service, Sabah and commercial farmers since 1986, as shown in the following timeline:


SVS selected and imported over 300 heads of purebred Brahman Breeders and high grade buffaloes breeders for the DOA from Northern Territory, Australia. 250 heads of Anglo Nubian goat breeders were selected and imported from various states in the U.S.

                                  swamp buffalo  Swamp buffalo at rest in sawah (padi field ) in Limbang



Organized a study and selection trip to Masterbreeder U.K., and  commercial farms,  A.I. centres in England. Selected and imported 250 heads of purebred pedigreed Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace, Chesterwhite and Masterboars for farmers in Sabah and Sarawak.


270 heads of Purebred Largewhite, Landrace, Duroc Chesterwhite  Hampshire breeding stock were imported from USA


Organized study visit and selection trip to WACOL A.B. Centre, Queensland, and commercial pig farms in Australia. Selected and imported over 300.heads of purebred Largewhite, Duroc and Landrace breeding stock


Imported 120 heads of purebred Boer Goats selected and imported by air from South Africa, 64 heads Boers goat breeders selection  in Waiuku, North Island, New Zealand, and 100 heads from Queensland Australia, for  Department of Agriculture ,Sarawak.

purebred boer ewes

 Purebred Boer ewes ready for selection in  Amani Stud Farm, Western Australia



Imported 100 heads of Buffaloes from Sabah and  delivered to Meragang station, Lawas, Limbang Division


Imported 450 heads of Purebred Boer Bucks and crossbred does for the Department of Agriculture, from Perth, Western Australia. These breeders are used for cross-breeding programs in departmental livestock stations to provide hybrid breeders to farmers.

animal, pet and stock air transport malaysia

Goats arriving from Australia ready for distribution to the Department of Agriculture and private farmers.


SVS  and PKV were  involved in the successful imports in mid January 2010, by chartered aircraft from Australia  of  200 Purebred Boer Bucks; 1600 F3 Boer Does and Dairy Breeders ( 20 Purebred Bucks; 300 Saanen, Anglo-Nubian, Bristish Alpine, Toggenburg, Australian Brown does  ) to the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak, as well as for private farmers in Sibu and Miri.


Another import from Capricorn Exports were 180 heads of Dorper Damara rams and  ewes for breeding and research at Temudok Livestock Station, Sri Aman.  50 purebred Boer Bucks and 650 F3 Boer does were imported for the Department of Agriculture Sarawak for distribution to approved livestock farmers.

boer from australia

Selected Boer breeders settling down in Temudok station, Sri Aman, after arrival by air from Australia.


170 heads of Dorper  rams and Dorper Damara  F3-F4 ewes, as well as 55 purebred Boer Bucks and 410 F2 Boer does were imported  from Pacifica Goat Stud and Kennedy Creek Livestock Exports of Eugowra, NSW.

 purebred boer goats

Purebred and high grade commercial Boer breeders ready in pen for inspection and selection



Import of  210 heads Dorper and Damara sheep from Kennedy Creek Livestock Export, Australia (pictures below).


Selection of breeding stock for import from Australia


Preparing livestock for transportation


192 heads heads Dorper and Boer breeders in transit through KLIA to Kuching; our stockman making sure enough water and forage at the Animal Hotel, KLIA 2015 



We imported 500 Boers, 122 Dorpers, Saanen , Anglo Nubian bucks and does from Australia ;  with 150 heads of Swamp Buffaloes from Sabah (below).

Selection of Boer Breeder bucks and does by the Sarawak government vet and our selectors in 2016

Swamp buffaloes from Sabah (above).